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  Faces of Fortnite

Name of the Game

 If you have ever played Fortnite by Epic Games- you know that it is a battle royale game with many different playing options. You can play solo, or duo's (two player) with a friend or whomever your gaming buddy is! The options do not just stop there; as I said Fortnite offers many options for multiplayer and other game modes- you'll just have to find out! Now, if you have played Fortnite then you know that they also offer tons of skins you can win or buy from the shop. The question is, why get new Fortnite skins?

So Why Do It?

 Although the skins do not offer much to the gameplay, they can offer advantages not many think about. Like how some will buy the feminine skins because of the smaller build- which means they are harder to spot in a distance! Plus you can customize the rest of the look to increase that difficulty. Another good reason to purchase or play to win some new skins is to change it up a bit! Lets be honest, if we played as the same one every-time it would get dull or boring. 

Victory Battle Royale

 Might I also suggest one last reason these skins are worth it. After you have fought your way through the storm, harvesting/gathering supplies, defeating enemy players, and building- the goal is to now find the last person or team to win the battle royale! Once you have done so your displayed for Victory Battle Royale and can show off that new skin you got! 

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