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  Fortnite vs CS:GO

When debating the classic tale of "which game is better than which game?", I have heard this controversy before. Fortnite and CS:GO have an equal amount of popularity on their initial release, both have different styles of play and therefore, specific crowds and audiences that would latch on. Fortnite was, and might still be, the largest Battle Royale game to surface multiple platforms, increasing the demand for cosmetics, weapons, storytelling, and PvP conflict. CS:GO references other styles of gameplay that make it more intense. The Attack/Defend, positioning style of CS:GO gives that game the advantage for competitiveness, PvP skill, and ranking systems that bring a sharper edge on the competition scale. However, one factor sets these games apart more than many people believe. Millions of people have played each of these games in their respective time, and have grown to like, dislike, and move on from either. When considering a distinct characteristic that changes the conversation into a persuasive speech, we have to look at the in-game cinematics. In-game cinematics, whether happening live or pre-recorded, are the game-changing element that Fortnite introduced. Sure, every game has characters, conflict, and story, but no other game besides Fortnite has made these climaxes happen directly in front of the persons face more than Fortnite. Fortnite has broken an enormous amounts of records in its time, and it is not ready to give up now. Bringing in famous skins from the NFL, NHL, Marvel, and many others, we as the player got to float in their battle royale world while the conflict was solved in front of us. Follow our site now and we will show you how to get Free Fortnite Skins.

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