Free Fortnite Skins
  Free Fortnite Skins - How to get them?

Fortnite Skins?

So, one is out to get Fortnite skins for free. There are many ways to accomplish this goal, but does one understand what skins are? Simply put skins are outfits but they are a little more as one can include tattoos, hairstyles and face paint among others like back bling which are items to wear on your back like backpacks along with gliders and harvesting tools just to name a few. The skins are expensive and hard to come by although there are many ways to get them. Let's take a look at how to get them for free.

The Battle Pass

Like with most games, there is a system that is progressive, the more levels you play the more chances for free rewards or in Fortnite case, the Battle Pass. One can advance through levels to get skins for free. These particular skins are only a part of a Battle Pass season.

Fortnite Events

Another way to get free skins is to participate in special events. By participating there are sometimes skins for free. Some past Fortnite events to get free skins include ones like the Winterfest where one had to unlock specific challenges for a free skin or the Japanese Switch Cup in which one had to get 20 points. Some time finishing in the top 10 percent, top 5 or whatever requirements or conditions are set would yield free skins also.

Fortnite Promotions

Fortnite promotional skins can be free but are usually tied to purchasing something to get a promo code.

Fortnite purchases

Free Fortnite Skins are sometimes included as a freebie when making other Fortnite purchases.

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